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Standards for Automated Information Exchanges (2)
Justice Information Sharing 101 PPT

Electronic Table for E filing Minor Offense Citations
CourtView Offense Code Table for E-Filing Citations: Daily Update
This is an automatically generated report of the offense code table in the Alaska Court System’s case management system used to validate offense information on electronically generated citations.  It is provided in Excel format to allow agencies to sort/search/filter and customize it.  It can also be searched/sorted on the update field to see if any changes have occurred since the last instance that would affect a particular law enforcement agency.

APSINIDFacts CoverMemo 2009 10 20
APSIN FAQs Revised 04-25-12

UOCT Purpose Content and Function 2002
Uniform Offense Citation Table

Uniform Minor Offense Table (UMOT)
Uniform Minor Offense Table

Citation Forms
AK Uniform Citation 11_9_16
APD Citation Form (12-213 AUC) Rev 2015_03_10
APD_Electronic Citations 8_2015
Minor Offense Citation – Required Content
TraCSCitation v5.0_2017.01.25

Criminal Case Intake and Disposition Form 

CCID Form 2016

ATN and CTN Explained
Charge Tracking Model (Wolfe, 2001)

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IEPD (Information Exchange Package Documentation) Clearinghouse
NIEM (National Information Exchange Model)
GRA (Global Reference Architecture)