MOA to ACS Misdemeanor Charging Document

The Criminal Justice Information Advisory Board (CJIAB) requested MAJIC recommend a Proof of Concept (PoC) data exchange to demonstrate the application of Global Reference Architecture (GRA).  In September 2013 MAJIC recommended, and the CJIAB endorsed, a secure exchange of data necessary for an initial misdemeanor charging document from the Municipality of Anchorage (the MOA) to the Alaska Court System  (the ACS) using GRA standards, with the necessary connections to transport the data via an intermediary (broker or bus).  By adhering to GRA standards, future pilot and production phases of this exchange could be used by the Department of Law and local prosecutors in Alaska.

The first phase of this project was completed in February 2017 with technical assistance from SEARCH (the National Consortium for Justice Information & Statistics).  This initial PoC phase demonstrated the operational components of a GRA exchange between the MOA and the ACS.  The MOA successfully transmitted criminal case data via the ACS’ broker, resulting in the creation of criminal cases in the ACS’ case management system.

Project Overview Document
MOA to ACS Electronic Misdemeanor Charging Document Exchange POC