E Citations

The Alaska Court System (ACS) has implemented an open standard interface for agencies authorized under Alaska Minor Offense Rule 22 to file minor offense citations electronically with the ACS.    The Alaska State Troopers statewide, as well as an increasing number of local law enforcement agencies are now using Traffic and Criminal Software (TraCS) to generate minor offense citations in the field.  (Other applications can also be used with the ACS interface).  Citations generated in TraCS are sent to the Department of Public Safety and into the ACS case management system, where they automatically initiate minor offense cases.  This project has substantially improved the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of minor offense citations, eliminated time consuming and duplicative data entry, and decreased case processing time.   The Alaska Uniform Citation (AUC) form has been programmed for electronic use.  This interface is limited to the electronic filing of minor offense citations at this time.

E Citation Monthly Progress Report
This is a report of all citations filed by state and local law enforcement during the current calendar year at court locations authorized to accept citations electronically.  The report is prepared by the Alaska Court System and is updated on the first day of each month.

Alaska Rules of Minor Offense Procedure

DPS-ACS MOU for Citation E Filing 8_4_2105